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Our Best Answer - When do I register for classes?

How to Find Your Registration Appointment

Your registration "appointment" is the earliest time at which you can log in to MyOCC and register for courses online. It is not a physical appointment on campus, and you do not need to be on campus to register. You can register any time after your registration appointment. Once the semester has begun you will need to check the Online Searchable Class Schedule to view the class status. If the class status is "Open", you may enroll in the class; if the class is "Waitlisted" you may add yourself to the waitlist and then go to the first class meeting to request an Add Permit; If the class status is "Auth Reqd" go to the first class meeting to request an add permit.

If you log in to MyOCC and click on the Student tab, you should see a link that says "View My Eligibility."  If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will see your "Next Registration Appointment." This is when you may begin registering for classes online. For important deadline information you may view your Student Class Program (Web Schedule Bill) and use the Dates to Remember web page.

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