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Our Best Answer - When do classes begin and end?

Term Dates 

For the Academic Calendar which contains term start dates and Holidays observed by Orange Coast College click here.

Each primary term, fall and spring, are 16 weeks in length and our summer session is at most 8 weeks long. During those terms and sessions we offer additional flexibility in course length. The length of your courses depends on the courses you choose. Visit our Class Schedule to see when the current terms are here. To begin building your schedule now, visit MyOCC and click on "Schedule Planner" on the Student tab of MyOCC.  Keep in mind that to register for classes, you need to apply in advance of your term, and that your registration date will vary depending on your status. If you have not applied online, visit our Admissions website. If you have applied online, your registration window to register online (or "registration appointment") will be posted in MyOCC. For specific dates on when classes begin please refer to our Dates to Remember page here.

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