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Ask Pete the Pirate!

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Our Best Answer - What is your school mascot?

Meet Pete the Pirate

Orange Coast College's mascot is Pete the Pirate. The voyage of Pete the Pirate is extraordinary! Pete III, the grandson of the original Pete the Pirate, follows in his grandfather’s footsteps as the official college mascot.  Born in Virginia, Pete III attended Mascot Academy before returning to the campus made famous, in part, by his illustrious grandfather.  His father, Pete the Pirate Jr., worked as a character for a major theme park before landing at an East Coast college to serve as the campus mascot.  Pete III chose OCC.

​"It broke my grampa’s heart that Dad headed east instead of coming to OCC,” Pete III revealed.  “But when he heard that I was coming to OCC, he almost cried with joy, which is saying something for a tough old pirate like Gramps.”

Slightly taller and a bit more refined that his grandfather, Pete’s ability to fire-up a crowd is befitting of his lineage.  “I learned a lot from Gramps,” he said.  “Mascoting is in my blood.”

You can meet Pete at one of several upcoming campus events.  You can also write Pete a letter, c/o OCC.

Welcome home, Pete!

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