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Our Best Answer - How much is tuition?

Tuition Costs

California  legislation  requires  the  College  to  charge student enrollment fees. Student fees are:
  • Enrollment  fee  of  $46  per  unit  for  students meeting California residency requirements; 
  • $30 parking permit;
  • $19 health service fee; 
  • $21 College Services Charge*;
  • Material  fees  as  listed  in  the  current  class  schedule.
*The  College  Services  Charge  provides  services  and benefits,  such  as,  Bookstore  buyback,  Robert  B. Moore  Theater  discounts,  free  tutoring,  interest-free  emergency loans, student activities and legal advice. Students may present their request for waiver of the College services charge to the ASOCC Office prior to registration (714) 432-5730. Students  not  meeting California  residency  requirements are required to pay a non-resident fee of $211 per unit and a Capital Outlay fee of $45 per unit in addition to the Resident fee of $46 per unit. All  fees  quoted are  at  time  of  publication  and are subject to change without notice.  The state legislature may increase enrollment fees at any time including current and future terms. Student Health Center services include no-cost visits with doctors, registered nurses, and the mental health team, in addition to other services at reduced rates. The  student  health  service  fee  is  mandated unless students present a waiver prior to registration. For more information about fees and expenses visit the college catalog online.


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