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Our Best Answer - How do I drop or withdraw from a class?

Drop or Withdraw

To drop a class you need to log into your MyOCC. From your Student Tab, click on "Add or Drop Classes." When you see your Current Schedule, click the drop-down next to the class you wish to drop. Then, select "Drop" and click "Finalize Add/Drop." When you look at your Current Schedule again, you should see that the course you dropped is no longer there.

Be sure to pay attention to deadlines for dropping with a refund, dropping without a "W" and dropping with a "W". These specific deadline dates are located on your Student Class Program (Web Schedule Bill). To access your Web Schedule Bill, log in to MyOCC > Student Tab > Other Student Resources > Student Class Program (Web Schedule Bill).

Drop by the Refund Deadline to receive a refund for the class. Drop by the Last Day to Drop Without a W to drop the class without any grade reflecting on your transcript. Drop by the Last Day to Drop With a W to receive a W on your transcript. W's are not included in the GPA however if you plan to transfer few schools will take into account W's. For information on which schools take into account W's, meet with a counselor. W's do count towards the number of attempts at completing the class. The maximum number of times you can attempt a course in the Coast District is 3 times. After 3 attempts, receiving grades D, F, NP, or W, you must take the course outside the Coast District (CCC, GWC, OCC).

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